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"Galkadawala" an ancient agro based village is situated in the centre of the Cultural Triangle 10.5 km from Habarana. It has also over the years developed into a stronghold of bio-diversity with rich vegetation and water-courses transforming the once barren landscape into chequered patterns of verdant paddy fields and pockets of jungle glades.

The residential enclaves are surrounded and separated by lush vegetation that has sprouted over the years. Guests may mingle in alternative locations on site , venture out to the rural countryside, or beyond to heritage sites which invariably beckon them.


Galkadawala is Maulie's passion.  Hence, she is permanently residing there, and is at hand to help you with planning your stay.  She has travelled extensively in Sri Lanka from childhood and will gladly share with you her knowledge of her beloved country.

Since it is in close proximity to the main cultural/historical sites and wild-life parks, tours have been arranged to these sites with the help of the local community in their safari jeeps and motor cycles.

The distances to the sites are approximately

  • Ritigala forest monastery (15 mins)

  • Manakanda forest monastery (25 mins)

  • Dambulla Temple cave paintings, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Kaudulla or Minneriya National Parks (30 mins)

  • Polonnaruwa, Huruluwewa, Awkana Buddha statue or Kalawewa(  50 mins)

  • Anuradhapura or Mihintale ( 50 mins)

  • Wilpattu National Park via Anuradhapura  (1.5 hours)

  • Trincomalee (1.5 hours)

  • Batticaloa or Kandy (2.5 hours)

Trekking, Walking &  Birding

The characteristic bio-diversity of Galkadawala give ample opportunities for personal exploration. The area abounds with endemic creatures of all types, including 133 of the 453 avian species and 50 of the 230 species of butterflies of Sri Lanka which are recorded at Galkadawala. The network of tanks (lakes), with the special emphasis to the lake by which the lodge is sited, irrigation canals, village roads and foot-paths are “veins” along which you may stroll at leisure or trek with purpose, and so enjoy the natural habitat where species of all kinds interact with each other


As you start your day immersed in the soothing movements of yoga, listen to the orchestra of the jungle waking around you. Feel the gentle breeze from the lake while the golden rays of dawn play around you.
The tranquil setting encourages an in-depth yoga and meditation experience. A special aura and energy flows from the trees and the sounds of nature to encourage you to strengthen connections with your inner chakras and your outer self while here at Galkadawala. Along this peaceful path, you will have guidance from Kingsley, our well qualified and experienced yoga guru.  He is a very calm person.  His calmness comes from within and he is passionate about sharing his yoga teachings with you.

You are welcome to practice yoga on your own too.

This is a good opportunity to practice the Japanese art of forest bathing - Shinrin Yoku too.



In such surroundings eating becomes a special pleasure to be indulged and remembered . To sit down under candle-light to a homely village fare with vegetables and ingredients gathered from neighbourhood gardens at the end of an eventful day, is a memory indeed to carry home. 


Meals at Galkadawala are vegan and ovo-lacto vegetarian.  On request gluten free meals too can be prepared. 

Vegetarianism makes cooking a very innovative exercise.  Each dish would carry it's own distinct flavour that makes eating an adventurous experience, where many hardcore carnivores have been taken by surprise.

Butterflies birds and other mammals
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