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Experience Therapeutic Yoga with Darshini

Darshini is a close friend, who loves the wilderness of Galkadawala so much. She is keen to share her knowledge of Therapeutic Yoga with our guests. We invite you to visit us and take part in her retreats, which are held over durations of either 4 or 7 days.  Retreats can be tailored to special group needs too. 


We also have retreats that include birding and/or nature art where we arrange visits to the heritage sites and wildlife parks.


Darshini has a B.Sc and an M.Sc in therapeutic yoga from Swamy Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore.  Please email us for details of her profile and the itineraries of therapeutic yoga retreat.

Tailored Birding Tours with Aves Nature Trails


Aves Nature Trails are offering curated birding adventures in Sri Lanka.  

Galkadawala Forest Lodge is proud to be one of their favorite destinations.


Galkadawala is set amidst an ancient agricultural hydraulic irrigation 

system which consist of many lakes, waterways, paddy fields and forests.  Hence we are very fortunate to have an abundance fauna at our very doorstep. Galkadawala boasts of 139 species of birds out of which 11are endemic. Also we have easy access to Minneriya, Kaudulla and Wilpattu national wildlife parks.


Aves Nature Trails are a small, devoted team of wildlife enthusiasts who are attuned to slow pace travel. The birding sites in Sri Lanka wether the popular or the off the beaten track, are a second home to them.


The two founding partners of Aves Nature Trails, Thilanka Edirisinghe and Sanka Perera are our good friends.  Both have travelled extensively covering the five Continents visiting over 50 countries between them.  Like us, they are passionate to share the ‘bounty of our motherland’  … the wilderness …  heritage … heavenly cuisine and the unique Sri Lankan culture with our visitors. 


Please see for details.

Nature Art with Lester


Lester Perera is a well known birder internationally and a passionate nature artist as seen at . Hence he does not need an introduction to the 'birding fraternity' or the 'art loving community' of Sri Lanka ... all love him.


Galkadawala is Lester’s much loved getaway in Sri Lanka.  He enjoys conducting nature art and birding retreats here.  This program can be amalgamated with our yoga retreat too.


For the discerning, it will be a unique experience indeed to connect with Lester and find one's own creativity.

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